Client Testimonials

"The print came and of course it is even more beautiful, colorful, lively and full of light and air than it appears online..." JV, North Carolina

"Thanks so much for taking the time to help me discover the "perfect piece" and have it ready for the birthday. You have two thrilled and happy admirers..." M.G., New York

"We're thrilled!" G.K., Mississippi.

"Iris 2" magnificent! ....I will enjoy it everyday. Thanks so much." B.B., Mississippi

"It arrived today and we love it!...Can't wait to see it on the wall. Thanks again." T.D., Michigan

"Kevin and I are so excited to have one of your pieces and we just love having it in our home. Kevin hung it last night and I am thrilled." D.V., New York

"The Pepper Plant looks great in its ash frame and was sooo well received. Enjoyed doing business with you." S.J., Louisiana

"The print is beautiful.... The colors are rich and there is a vibrancy about the piece that really keeps me smiling." S.D., New Jersey

“Nancy’s watercolor weavings are vivid, multi-dimensional works of art. I own one of the flag and one of a field of irises and the paper weaving makes them have ‘movement.’ Nancy’s talent and skill are truly remarkable—each of her works captures the viewer’s attention and evokes a response of pleasure and awe.”
W.K., Michigan  

 “We live in Northport, a waterfront village that is primarily a sailing community. When I saw the article about Nancy Maas paper weaving giclee prints in Coastal Living magazine, I instantly connected. Her unique style captures the feel of coastal life, that of a seaman’s effort to capture the wind.  There was no question that we had to have one, the only question was which one. We are retiring to a barrier island in North Carolina and Regatta will always remind us of home.”
L.C., New York

“ The watercolor weavings of Nancy Maas truly transport you to a wintery world (via the pieces I have collected), with the dimensions of snow, wind, tree branches and even a stream all coming alive at once!  The artistry and ingenuity of her work are truly unique, and I plan to continue collecting for many years to come".
BR., Washington DC.

 "Nancy Maas’ paintings make me happy!  She has developed a unique style, combining painting and weaving, incorporating clear, vibrant colors with basic shapes; she has achieved stunning results.”
E.A., New Jersey

 “We are the proud owners of two of Nancy Neaher Maas’ uniquely creative paper weavings—one a Southwestern landscape and  the other, the Ithaca Falls,both in stunning colors and two dimensions. Her paper weavings of gorgeous flowers, intensely-colored sailboats and other subjects are equally appealing and unusual. Such a talented innovator!” 
M and L. M., New York 

“I purchased Nancy Maas’ green, leafy painting over ten years ago.  It has movement and freshness; its many shades of green evoke a deep woods in sunlight and shade.  It has become a part of our lives and in winter it cheers us—in summer, it’s like a window. Nancy has the eye for natural beauty and the talent to depict it on paper.  The combination is rare.”
W.K-D., New York 






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