JGSM at Cornell


Johnson Graduate School of Business Management
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giclee on WATERCOLOR PAPER available

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A Giclee is an ART QUALITY PRINT, the highest quality color print made today. It is considered a separate category of print reproduction, whose materials and inks are of superb consistency and blending power, resulting in stunning appearance and excellent display life. The artist works closely with the printer (in my case, Stan Bowman, prof. emeritus, Cornell of Perfect Prints, Ithaca) to achieve the desired result.



The Johnson School is one of the most intersting historic structures on the Cornell campus. Formerly Sage Hall, it was gutted and became the graduate business school, named for one of Cornell's major benefactor families, the Johnsons of Racine, Wisconsin (and Johnson Wax). Its interior is entirely modern. The facade is an artist's delight, full of elaborate cornices, variegated brick hues, and those signature towers and turrets.