Nodding Trillium

"FLOWERS: Nodding Trillium"
20" x 26"



Also, OPEN EDITION print on 13" x 19" watercolor paper, image 10" x 13.5" = $95.00. Shipped in a sturdy mailing tube. Payment details on left.


“It was trillium that beckoned Nancy Maas to the woods to paint, but several watercolors later, she realized none of the paintings imparted the energy she saw in the hoards of just-burst flowers.  The pieces looked flat, ordinary.  So she cut them up. It was when she decided to weave two of them back together that she struck on something fresh and robust. Maas coaxes a happy mess of scraps and strips into paper-weavings that have far more rhythm and movement than the original paintings. The strips’ textures and colors are all part of a puzzle. “It’s a wild challenge having all the pieces spread out around you,” Maas says. Sailboats are a favorite subject for her weavings; the layering gives depth and shape to the sails instead of losing them in the shuffle.” Traverse Magazine 2003


Trillium grace our woods in early spring. These large alizarin crimson (purplish hue )versions truly nod in the breeze. As endangered flora, they can not be picked, which is fine with me.

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