Sunset Sails

"Sunset Sails "
22" x 34"

Original sold

Giclee Limited Edition Prints Available


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What is a Giclee Print -- on canvas or on watercolor paper?

A Giclee is an exceptionally high quality ink jet print made on a professional printer. Materials and inks used are of superb quality and intended to achieve both stunning appearance and excellent display life. It is hard for people to appreciate the beauty of an excellent reproduction. I stayed away from making prints for a long time. However, a few years ago circumstances called for a print. I was blown away by the sheer gorgeousness of the product. Not only were the colors lush, but the process captures the subtle shadowing created by the protruding elements on the surface of the weavings. As a result, the prints look as though they are three-dimensional!

The process requires a close collaboration between artist and printmaker to ensure that the aesthetic quality remains faithful to the original.




I love looking west into Lake Michigan at sunset. The light and color are amazing: silver greys contrasted with warm yellows, oranges and pinks. It's almost impossible to capture the moment, but I never stop trying. Juried into San Diego International Watercolor Exhibition, 2010.

A large version of this image on canvas ready for shipping and also hanging in a client's home on the Marine Art page. It was "oversized" at approximately 32" x 44".