Watercolor Weavings

Watercolor Weavings – Marine Art, Florals, Landscapes, Flags, and others

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ORIGINALS  and GICLEE PRINTS * may be available. Please contact the artist for more information.

Sailboat Series

                            Sudden Storm lg   BK Impossible Sails

“WATER WEAVINGS” Far from white-capped waves and ocean breezes, artist Nancy Maas crafts a coastal paradise from her studio in Ithaca, New York.  On her canvases, sailboats glide through shards of cobalt blue or dock under wistful lavender skies….She attributes much of her coastal inspiration to annual sailing adventures on Lake Michigan. “The light of northern Michigan and the amazing azure color of the water would turn any artistically inclined person on,” she says….COASTAL LIVING




“It was trillium that beckoned Nancy Maas to the woods to paint, but several watercolors later, she realized none of the paintings imparted the energy she saw in the hoards of just-burst flowers.  The pieces looked flat, ordinary.  So she cut them up. It was when she decided to weave two of them back together that she struck on something fresh and robust. Maas coaxes a happy mess of scraps and strips into paper-weavings that have far more rhythm and movement than the original paintings. The strips’ textures and colors are all part of a puzzle. “It’s a wild challenge having all the pieces spread out around you,” Maas says. Sailboats are a favorite subject for her weavings; the layering gives depth and shape to the sails instead of losing them in the shuffle.” TRAVERSE MAGAZINE








*What is a Giclee Print — on canvas or on watercolor paper?

A Giclee is an exceptionally high quality ink jet print made on a professional printer. Materials and inks used are of superb quality and intended to achieve both stunning appearance and excellent display life. It is hard for people to appreciate the beauty of an excellent reproduction. I stayed away from making prints for a long time. However, a few years ago circumstances called for a print. I was blown away by the sheer gorgeousness of the product. Not only were the colors lush, but the process captures the subtle shadowing created by the protruding elements on the surface of the weavings. As a result, the prints look as though they are three-dimensional!

The process requires a close collaboration between artist and printmaker to ensure that the aesthetic quality remains faithful to the original.