Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials “Nancy’s watercolor weavings are vivid, multi-dimensional works of art. I own one of the flag and one of a field of irises and the paper weaving makes them have ‘movement.’ Nancy’s talent and skill are truly remarkable—each of her works captures the viewer’s attention and evokes a response of pleasure and awe.” – W.K., Michigan “We live in Northport, a waterfront village that … Continue reading Client Testimonials


Why take a weaving workshop? Watercolor artists often experience two failings: tightness and fear of trying something new. My workshops help to overcome these problems. First, artists discover that, to make a weaving, one must develop a very simple image, avoiding detail. This permits the artist to paint freely. Second, one must cut up one’s images entirely–that will cure anyone of the “fear” of painting! … Continue reading Workshops